Julia Lerch is coming to UCI

Wonderful news:  Julia Lerch has just accepted an offer to join UCI as an Assistant Professor of Sociology!

Julia is a new PhD from Stanford who does fascinating work on international education issues.  Her dissertation examines the rise of “emergency education” as an issue in world society.  As education increasingly comes to be seen as an essential human right, efforts to address humanitarian crises (e.g., refugees) increasingly seek to provide children with education, in addition to food/housing/medical treatment, etc.  Julia’s dissertation is a deep multi-method analysis of the origins and spread of this new phenomenon.  The case provides a wonderful opportunity to unpack the evolving cultural understandings of education (and society) in world culture.

Julia’s position come from a cluster hire connected to Professor Carrol Connor in the School of Education focused on educational interventions (broadly defined).  It is hard to think of an intervention more important than providing education to those that are getting none at all, due to humanitarian crises.  Sociology is fortunate to be the beneficiary of this cluster hire.

Julia will make a tremendous addition to our world society group, bringing deep expertise in comparative education, international development, and world society theory.  Julia has been centrally involved in the Stanford comparative textbook project, working on papers with John Meyer, Chiqui Ramirez, Tricia Bromley, and Christine Wotipka.  And, if I remember her CV correctly, Julia has also collaborated with Garnett Russell and Lizzie Buckner.  That’s a pretty good group to be working with…

This is great news for Julia, and great news for UCI sociology!


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