ASA 2011: Meyer Wins G&TS Award

Back from ASA in Las Vegas.  Phew!   Fun, but tiring…

The highlight was definitely when John Meyer was awarded the Global and Transnational Sociology Distinguished Career Award.

It was just a really nice event.  Roland Robertson, who won the award last year gave an introduction, Liz Boyle presented the award, and then John made some really thoughtful remarks.  Among the funny parts:  John thanked Roland for the kind introduction — and then mused that he felt he ought to disagree.  (Maybe you had to be there…)  I think some people took a video of the speech (maybe Yong Suk?).  I’ll post it if I get hold of it.

A whole bunch of John’s students showed up, which not only drove home the impact John has had on the field but also made it feel like a big family reunion.  Many of his students are now senior scholars in the field themselves — but there were plenty of mid-career people and recent PhDs in the room, too.  It was quite amazing to see the span of people he’s worked with.  And, Maria Meyer was there, adding her own cheerful warmth to the event.  All in all, a very nice evening.

On top of that, David Frank, Sarah Babb, and Cheris Chan won awards, too…  all terrific scholars (and really nice people, too).


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