Professor Longhofer, I Presume

Greetings!  After an unplanned hiatus (meaning, I was busy), I’m back to blogging again.  Anyhow, I have some great news to share:

Wes Longhofer landed a terrific job!  Starting next year, Wes will be an Assistant Professor of Organization & Management at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.

They have a great orgs group there — Anand, Giacomo, Peter, Chris, and a bunch of other terrific people.  Of course, this continues a trend of B-schools pulling many of the best and brightest from sociology…

Congrats Wes!!!

p.s. now I know what to get Wes as a graduation present:  a sociology-to-MBA dictionary, so he can communicate with the MBAs…  for instance, his dissertation on “global philanthropy” roughly translates as “social ventures in emerging markets”.
p.p.s. I’ll try to hold off on the MBA jokes, but it is hard to resist…


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