The MacroDataGuide

Katerina Vrablikova, a visiting fellow at the UCI Center for the Study of Democracy, pointed me to a data website that I hadn’t seen before.  It is called The MacroDataGuide:

It is maintained by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (apparently a branch of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research) to organize “contextual” variables for use with the European Social Survey.

It is a nice, clean, website with descriptive information on lots of country-level datasets.  It has all the big ones, and a few that are new to me.

The site provides a wealth of summary information:  topics covered by the dataset, the number of countries and time period covered, relevant references, and mundane-but-useful information such as the file format(s) available, cost, and links to documentation and (usually) the actual dataset.  There is also commentary on data quality, which is rare to see.

Definitely worth a look.


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