WDI Reshape do file

I got a request for my stata code for reshaping the wdi 2010.  There is also code to add variable labels.  It is an alternative to using “wdireshape“.  You can download it here:  WDI 2010 reshape stata code.doc


1.  The stata code is in a word “doc” file, rather than a stata “do” file.  That is because WordPress limits the filetypes you can upload.  Rather than putting it on my other website, I just pasted it into a word document.  You can just paste it back into a stata do file…

2.  You should download the “csv” version of the WDI.

3.  You need a computer with quite a bit of memory to run the reshape.  If you are short on memory, you can manually select a subset of the file and reshape it in smaller chunks that fit into your computer’s memory.  You can then “merge” the pieces together.

4.  It takes a long time to run if you do the whole file at once (hours).


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