Jepperson Review of Sociological Institutionalism

Ron Jepperson has kindly agreed to let me post his wonderful review essay on sociological institutionalism.

Jepperson Sociological Institutionalism EUI 5.2001.pdf

This working paper was eventually published in abridged form, but this is a better and more comprehensive version.  The published version, which is probably the best thing to cite:

Jepperson, Ronald L.  2002.  “The Development and Application of Sociological Neoinstitutionalism.”  Pp. 229-266 in New Directions in Contemporary Sociological Theory, edited by Joseph Berger & Morris Zelditch, Jr.  Rowman & Littlefield.

The review focuses mainly on the cultural/phenomenological institutionalism, and Meyer in particular.  Institutionalisms of various sorts have expanded hugely, and so it makes sense to start focusing on the various interesting flavors of institutionalism.  And, of course, this is the kind that I find to be most interesting and compelling.

Another nice feature of this paper:  Whereas much institutional work is about organizations or nation-states, Ron discusses institutional ideas about the individuals / individualism.


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