Personal Update

I don’t usually discuss personal things on the blog, but I’ve been getting a lot of queries so I thought I’d give an update.

I’ve been behind on blogging, email, and life in general (not to mention reviews) for the past six months or more.  Ann (Hironaka) and I have had a lot going on.

On the down side, Ann’s father passed away and her mother has needed serious assistance.  As a consequence she was traveling a lot.  There have been challenges on my side of the family as well.

On the plus side, Ann and I had a wonderful job opportunity, at UNC Chapel Hill.  Since people keep asking:  we are staying at UC Irvine.  It was a super-agonizing decision.  We loved UNC.  (And, wow, do they publish.  Pick up a random ASR.  There isn’t always an author from UNC, but it is pretty scary.)  At the same time, we’ve been tremendously happy in Irvine.  And, the decision was complicated by our family difficulties.  Anyhow, we feel incredibly fortunate to have had such options.

Good and bad, we’ve been busy.  Fortunately, the pace of life is returning to normal.  I’m looking forward to a calmer schedule, which will mean, among other things, more time to update this blog.

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