Growth of Commonwealth Universities

Danielle Logue has put together a really neat visualization of the historical proliferation of universities in the British Commonwealth.  As someone who thinks a lot about the growth of universities, I found it really interesting.

Here’s a description with some of the context:

“This map is part of a larger doctoral research project by Danielle Logue, Said Business School, University of Oxford.  This project examines the changing composition of top management teams in over 500 universities across 37 countries of the British Commonwealth.  By conceptualising these leadership positions as constitutive of particular conceptions of control, it asks the question:  how do such conceptions of control spread in global, loosely structured fields, where there are not the usual suspects of organisational diffusion?  Amongst other findings, the research reveals the global diffusion of a finance ‘conception of control’, which will be demonstrated in an upcoming animated map.  Danielle is working with her DPhil colleague, Tim Hannigan at the Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation,  who provides the sophisticated technical expertise to produce such visualisations.  For further details, contact Danielle Logue ( or Tim Hannigan (”


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