Updated IGO / INGO Membership Data

Allwyn Lim, working with Kiyo, has coded country IGO and INGO membership data from 2000-2007.  We hope to use this to extend our existing datasets.  However, we’ll need to do some checking (to watch out for discontinuities) first.

Allwyn’s coded disaggregated data on all UIA sub-types allowing for more nuanced analyses than in the past (e.g., separating ‘regional’ from truly ‘international’ INGOs).

The new dataset is on the password-protected part of the data archive at UC Irvine.

Substantively, the new data are quite interesting.  It looks like INGO memberships continue to grow incredibly quickly between 2000 and 2007.  My eyeball estimate is that the typical country grows by 20% in that period.  Wow.

> I’m attaching updated UIA NGO/IGO data for 2000-2007 in Excel. These
> are NGO/IGO memberships and not secretariats. There are two files:
> (1) “UIA 2000-2007” has separate worksheets that replicate the tables
> from the respective yearbooks. I’ve retained all categories since
> people may want to use different combinations for their analyses.
> (2) “UIA Totals 2000-2007” has NGO and IGO totals (sum of all
> categories A-U) in country-year format plus “newid3” and “gurrid”
> where I could identify them.


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