INGO Membership By Type

I’m trying to figure out what kinds of longitudinal INGO membership data has been collected for particular types of INGOs.

We have data on Human Rights INGOs, for instance, which Christine and Kiyo used in their 2004 Social Forces paper.  And, we have data on environmental INGO memberships that David and Ann collected (and David is now updating).  David is also in the process of collecting longitudinal data on memberships in INGOs related to law, women, gay/lesbian, and psychology INGOs.

What else has been collected?

EDIT:  Minzee Kim reminds me that she collected child rights INGO membership at 5-year intervals over the last 25 years.


6 thoughts on “INGO Membership By Type

  1. I collected data on the number of education INGOs in a country from of the 1999/2000 CD-Rom, about 3,600 organizations. I also have a bunch more detailed information on a random 10% subsample of these orgs. I’ll clean things up and post it to the website.

    I’d love to have a look at the child rights INGO data!

    1. Hi Wade, Evan,

      Colin Beck has INGO memberships for 2005. I think he was going back and trying to fill in the years between 1999 and 2005 as well, but I’m not sure how it’s panned out.


  2. Tricia: Great to hear about the ed INGOs. Have you analyzed the data?

    Wade: I asked a similar question recently, and I recall that someone at Stanford is working on it. I can’t seem to find the email… probably Tricia knows who.

  3. i just found this blog. nice job Evan and Wes. ok, so i’ve always wanted cross-national data on economic development INGOs. any suggestions?

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