WDI 2008 Issues

For those who don’t already know:  Tricia, Kiyo, and I have been looking at the World Bank’s “World Development Indicators 2008”.  Turns out that the new dataset has very poor historical coverage of some pretty important stuff… like education.  There is essentially no enrollment data prior to 1990.

Tricia got in touch with the World Bank about it.  Apparently, they’ve changed how they calculate things and so the old data is not comparable.  It is certainly frustrating for those of us who want to look at enrollments over long periods of time.  We haven’t yet checked to see how bad the discontinuities are… maybe the data is good enough for our purposes.  Also, we haven’t yet checked to see if UNESCO data — presumably the original source — has the same issue.  I’ll follow up when I have more info.  But, in the meantime, it looks like the WDI 2004 is the last World Bank dataset with extensive educational data.


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